” The Greatest Speech Ever Made “

.The greatest speech 🙂

Food for thought……


  1. In the early 80’s, during my catechesis, my priest taught us to be aware of the many – and, growing number of – examples of man ‘demoting’ God from on high and supplanting Him with themselves. And, that there is visibly direct correlation to the aggression of man, and his banishment of God, to the decline and depravity of the condition of man.

    God gave us a Garden – we live in a self-created wilderness; blind to the beauty around us. God preaches to us His Word of abundance – men, who’ve consolidated power to but a few, preach to us their scarcity, and, stricken us with fear. These same men assure us they – and, they alone – can solve this scarcity; and, in our fear we continually hand over our own wills because we believe their lies.

    I’m not a theologian – I’m just a guy who went to cooking school. It is with a cooks-eye that I look around the world and see the manipulation of our food – the control of its growth, sale, export and manufacture. If that process does not personify an agenda that is intended to promote the perception of scarcity, and, advance the control of more and more food into the hands of fewer and fewer people, then I am at a loss to say what it is.


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