See you again in 2018……….

Dear Friends,
.I am spending the next three weeks in Argentina, visiting friends, eating (mostly) parilla and drinking (mostly) red wine.
Since I am living with friends who keep me busy 24/7 🙂 , I will not post my usual three or four posts per week during this time.
However, I have a surplus of about 50 dishes/post’s I have cooked and photographed in the past few months, which I will post as soon as I’ll return to Florida in mid- January, together with the new stuff I’ll produce when I will be back in my own kitchen.
Until then, here is a preview of a small selection of dishes waiting to be published. Hope to see you all again in 2018 🙂
Bon Appétit !   Life is Good !




  1. Bon Voyage, Hans! I am sure that Bella will miss you, as will we; but in the case of the humans, we have the pictures to enjoy – the first taste is with the eye.

    With best wishes for 2018


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