” I was In Need Of A Heart And A Kidney “

my Argentinian butcher was able to help me out   🙂
Every so often when I talk to some of my friend’s, special dishes pop up during
the conversation. Usually, we talk about stuff that is not alway’s available or
has fallen out of fashion with the ” in crowd “.
Such was the topic of our saturday conversation, Liver and Kidney.
As a child, “Saure Nierchen” (Sour Kidney’s) and “Geschmortes Rinderherz”
(Braised Beef Heart), were right up there with a few other “sunday’s at the
restaurant favorites” and since the supply  from the butcher was plentiful,
this week I plan to cook these four dishes:

Nieren  Spieschen                        (Shish Kebab)
Saure Nierchen                             (Sour Kidney’s)
Rinderherz Spieschen              (Beef Heart Schaschlik
Geschmortes Rinderherz        (Braised Beef Heart)

Sunday I trimmed and cut the heart and kidneys. Today I will soak the meat
for theShashlik / Kebab in milk for 8 hours, then rinse and dry them and further
marinate them with soy saucegarlic powder, onion powder, pepper and peanut
oil until ready to cook, up to three day’s.
(Add the salt just before cooking or the offal becomes hard)
I have also marinated the meat for the Sour Kidneys and the Braised Heart in
cider vinegar for 8 hours, strained and dried the meat and then marinated it with
soy sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper and peanut oil until ready to cook,
up to three day’s.
My first dish today will be “Kidney Shish Kebab with Tomato / Cucumber Salad .
(Check it out on tomorrow’s post  🙂

Beef Kidney


Beef Heart

Heart & Kidney, trimmed and soaking in milk and vinegar


Bon Appetit !    Life is Good !


  1. That thunderous noise you hear Chef, is the sound of average American consumers heading for the exits at the mere mention of giblets, offal, goo, guts and gore or other unmentionables on their dinner plates. (Be ready to take some flak for this one).

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