Braised Oxtail & Potato Dumplings “Geschmorter Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknödel”

Geschmorter  Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknödel  /  Braised Ox Tail & Potato Dumplings
I remember with nostalgia when you could get oxtail from your butcher for a buck and a half a pound. Those were the day’s. Obviously long gone, but not forgotten. Nowadays it’s gonna cost an average of $ 5.00 a pound. Considering a nice portion to be about 2.5 pounds, you might only want to prepare this for a dinner party with the best of friends 🙂
Anyway, since I only cook for Bella and myself nowadays, cost was not a concern. Time however is of the essence. You want to cook your oxtails REAL slow, so they get very tender without falling apart. This batch took about 3.5 hours to cook. Was it worth the trouble ? You bet your foot it was. Especially when you also prepare these great potato dumplings to soak up every last bit of the knock-out sauce you get by simmering the meat and vegetables for all that time.
Guten Appetit !   Das Leben ist Schön !

Geschmorter Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknoedel

Geschmorter Ochsenschwanz & Kartoffelknoedel



Ingredients :

Oxtail,   cut into single links
Bell peppers,   medium diced
Onions,   medium diced
Tomatoes,   canned, diced
Garlic,    paste
Peanut oil,
Kosher salt,
Cayenne pepper,
Hungarian paprika,
Veal stock,   or substitute
Red wine,
Dark beer,

Method :

Saute oxtails in hot oil until nicely browned on all sides. Remove from pot, set aside. Saute onions and peppers until caramelized. Now it is time to saute the paprika for a minute. Then add salt and pepper.Make sure you dont over season at this point. Remember, the stock will reduce a great deal when simmering for  long period of time. Add wine and beer to deglaze the pan. Return ox tail to pot, cover with veal juice  (substitute with chicken stock, vegetable stock or even water if nothing else is available. Simmer until oxtail is tender. Remove oxtail with a slotted spoon into a clean pot. Adjust seasoning of sauce if necessary. Strain sauce through a fine mesh sieve over oxtail. Make sure you press all the vegetables through the sieve. This will thicken your sauce and give it more body and flavor.
Serve with your favorite pasta or dumplings.

Potato Dumpling Recipe



  1. Thank you Hans for Publish this great Recipe.There is no better taste of Beef than the Oxtail,maybe the Beef Shank wee used in Filippino Recipes like Pinoy.Many People dont no how to cooked and you dont find it on Menus any more.You get Oxtail already cut at the Market,wee where teached as a Lehrling specialy how to cut the Oxtail with the Knive and not with the Meat- saw.That was the good time. Special Greetings and Cheerios ROLF!


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