” Kutsher’s Tribeca Restaurant Makes Video Showing A (Too) Sexy Side Of Jewish Food “


Via: The Village Voice Blogs

When Jewish Food Goes Sexy

By Tejal Rao Fri., Jul. 13 2012 at 11:00 AM
Check out Kutsher’s funny food porn, which doubles as tongue-in-cheek commentary on the recent trendiness of Jewish food.
It escalates until finally…oy gevalt!


Image by : All Unusual in Our Lives


  1. Hi Cheff Susser:

    I located the link for the one illustration at a time, in your previous post – June, scroll down
    until june 16, and there it was. All that was needed was the month and date. Thanks again
    for being so helpful in my search, wishing you all the best in your current and future Culinary

    John R.Vicente CHA/3D
    Managing Director
    Mid-Cities Lodging Associates

    P.S. Chef, are you located in Europe – Germany?


    1. Hi again, I am originally from Germany, Travelled the world for 35 years, settled for 8 years in Miami. If you send me a friend request on facebook, I have a lot more Food and opinios there. Cheers



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