Walnut & Cranberry Stuffing

I  took this to my friend’s house last night for our  turkey dinner. He thought it was great. Thinking about it today, if you replace the salt with sugar and add a bit of  vanilla, this would make a great  bread pudding, served with a fruit coulis or vanilla sauce.
Enjoy, either way !    🙂


Ingredient’s :

Day old bread,  diced
Chicken stock,  (for sweet version, substitute milk)
Eggs,  whole
Dried cranberries,
Walnuts,  coarsely crumbled
Kosher salt,  (for sweet version, substitute sugar)
Cayenne pepper,  (even for sweet version)
Chives,  sliced (for sweet version, substitute vanilla)

Method :

Pour hot stock (milk) over bread and seasoning, let cool.
Add eggs, nuts , cranberries and chives (vanilla) and mix
without breaking up bread to much. Put into buttered
baking dish and cook at 400 F until set.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

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