“Enten Braten” (Roast Duck)

Yesterday’s  lunch reminded me of the sundays of my early youth. It was tradition in our home that my dad prepared sunday lunch at least once a month. Usually this was a “Braten” – a roast, such as a pork but, a  fresh duck from the butcher shop or a freshly butchered chicken from the neighbor, who to the horror of all us kid’s to see, chopped off it’s head on a wooden block in front of his house that very morning. My father prepped all the food, then popped the roast into the oven , got himself a chair right next to it and read the sunday paper for the next two hours, all the while basting the roast with beer every 10 minutes or so. The result was a heavenly feast, enjoyed by the whole family on the table in our eat-in kitchen.

These memories came to mind while this beauty was roasting in my oven. It made me happy for the memories and sad for the fact that I could not share both the memories and the duck with my beloved Maria……..
Season duck inside and outside with with kosher salt and cayenne pepper. Fill a roasting pan with a half bottle of red wine and the same amount of chicken stock, add a generous amount of chopped garlic and some large diced onions. Top with a roasting rack on which you place the duck. Cook at 325F for 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the duck. The duck should be cooked through, tender but still very juicy. Remove duck to a carving board. Strain the jus from the roasting pan into a small pot, skim of all the fat, add the orange filets and the jus from the oranges and simmer for one minute. Remove from heat and thicken with fresh butter (mount the butter). To serve, carve the duck into your preferred cuts and nape with the orange sauce.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !

Note: Save the duck fat to use for your next sautéed potatoes !

"Enten Braten" -  Roast Duck In Orange Jus

“Enten Braten” –
Roast Duck In Orange Jus





    1. Sunday dinners have the same warming memories for me as well. As a grandson from a German Masterbutcher and sausagemaker, the traditional foods I grew up with, I find myself being fondly reminded through your blog. Schultz/Ertl heritage had me working in the sausage shop tending the smokehouses and steam kettles. a treat for the morning breakfast was fishing out boiled plate beef and pig snouts we cooked for the headcheese. a pile of salt on the sausage table to dip in, and the heel of a crusty loaf was my idea of fine dining…..Could you give me a refresher on chicken paprikash w/bread dumplings and sourcream gravy ? Although Hungarian, my Grandfather used to make it often…….my palate awaits…….cheers !


      1. Dankeschoen Herr Shultz 🙂
        Hi Nelson, pls check the box “Archive, All Post’s”, on the top of my blog.
        Click and scroll down, you will find bread dumplings (Semmel Knoedel) as well as “chicken paprikash”, which I posted some time ago. I am sure you will find more German goodies there which will remind you of home. Let me know how it goes.


  1. Loved reading your story. I’ve been wanting to roast a duck so I saved the recipe. The duck looks gorgeous. When I make it, I’ll sneak a little piece to give to my dogs 🙂


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