50.000 Hits In Just Four Months Of ChefsOpinion. Thank You All !

Dear Friends, 

Thank you all for your continuous interest and support of ChefsOpinion.
It makes me happy and proud that I can share my dishes and my culinary views with so many  fine folk’s. Even if we are not always of the same opinion about a specific dish, style, recipe, or method, you and I share a never ending love and passion for all things culinary and appreciate an open dialog about it.
I would highly appreciate any suggestions and / or requests to shape ChefsOpinion even more to your liking. If not, I will just continue to do what I love to do and hope that we, as a community of culinary enthusiasts, will grow even larger and that we can enjoy many more dishes, opinions and ideas to come   🙂
Friend’s, if you can find it in your hard and if you think my blog deserves it, please be so kind and help me spread the word amongst your friends, colleagues and family. Thank you.

With best regards,
Life is Good !



    1. Hans,

      There is one change to ChefsOpinion that might be nice, but, could also get a bit hairy: the ability for your followers to post their own conversations. Beyond that, I’d not change a thing.

      I hope you know how much I enjoy your blog… if you don’t, allow me to tell you:

      I’ve stepped into the restaurant life over 25 years ago. After a few years of practical experience I pursued the best education I could afford for hotel management and then culinary. I love the life, I love what I do. I’ve always been torn between the back-office and the hot-line, but, the kitchen is where my heart is. I may rarely be in the kitchen anymore, but, I till think of myself as a cook.

      Your blog is a connection to other guys like me. I think of ChefsOpinion as my chefs table – where cooks come together to talk openly and professionally about: food, management, ownership, the life, employees. The free exchange of ideas and opinions in a respectful forum is something that has faded, but, has remained dear to me. Thank you, Hans.



  1. Hans Susser commented on LinkedIn:

    Hi D,
    thank’s for your continuous support and “getting ” what my blog is all about.

    As for my followers to start their own discussions, that is done already by going to the actual site and writing into the “comment” section. If you have a look at :


    in the comment section, you’ll see a lively conversation going on. I encourage all my readers to sign up to be notified by e-mail of each new post (subscribe)
    There is the option to be notified of future comments to each specific post, which makes it simple to have a ongoing conversation by the readers them self on ChefsOpinion 🙂

    Thank’s again and cheers.
    Life is Good !


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