” Chefs Weigh In On What’s Become Of Classic Culinary Techniques And Traditions “

Excerpt from Eater.com:

[Art: Eric Lebofsky]

Tuesday, July 24, 2012, by Gabe Ulla

The Culinary Institute of America recently announced that it would be giving its Escoffier Room restaurant a serious renovation. Adam Tihany will design this new incarnation, which will be a sleek brasserie called The Bocuse Room. With the name change and renovation will come a readjustment of the restaurant’s kitchen that moves away from the Escoffier system, reflecting instead Paul Bocuse‘s contributions to cooking and, more generally, the evolution of gastronomy.

Most would agree that the revamp is long overdue. But a New York Times articleabout the news did show that it got people thinking about Escoffier, old techniques, and whether or not the world of cooking has abandoned certain fundamental traditions relevant to any era. Is it possible to pinpoint certain techniques that cooks no longer focus on but should, or have we seen a logical evolution that preserves those foundations while incorporating new ideas and reflecting changing times? We asked five chefs from across the country to weigh in.

Here, now, Jonathan Benno (Lincoln Ristorante, New York), Daniel Patterson (Coi, San Francisco), Barbara Lynch (Menton, Boston), Chris Hastings (Hot and Hot Fish Club, Birmingham), and Ed Brown (Ed’s Chowder House, New York) take on the question……………….
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