Carnitas Of Pork Belly

Pork Belly  in any form or shape, what’s not to love   🙂
For today’s early lunch,  I prepared these simple yet mouthwatering, great looking  carnitas. (I have been up since 4.00am, so 10.30am  seemed like a good time for a good meal). I enjoyed them with flour tortillas,  guacamole,  salsa mexicana,  sour cream and a cold  “Negra Modelo“. Now, after posting this, a ” Siesta ” in the back of the house under the cool mist of the lake fountain, Bella chasing geckos, I’ll be having a few more negra modelos and a bit of a nap.  Aaaaaa…….Life is Good !


Carnitas Of Pork Belly


Ingredients :

Pork belly,   cut into cubes
Onions,   diced
Bell peppers,   diced
Garlic,   paste
Chicken stock,   substitute with other stock if preferred
Cayenne pepper,
Cumin,   crashed
Smoked paprika,
Chili powder,
Kosher salt,
Lard,   to saute ( same as you use to make your tortillas)

Method :

Saute pork until golden brown, add onions and most of the peppers, saute until translucent. Add garlic and cumin, saute until fragrant. Add most of your tomatoes, stock and seasoning and simmer until pork is very soft and falls apart under pressure. Now add the remaining peppers and tomatoes for eye appeal (color) when serving . Simmer for two more minutes, remove from heat. At this point you can either pull the meat apart or serve in cubes as is.
Serving suggestions:  See pictures.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !



  1. Being one of your few? healthy followers, hope you don’t mind me adding my additions. I personally don’t eat sugar, processed foods or any white foods. That being said, i would put his wonderful, delicious dish on top of quinoa, bulgur pilaf or maybe farro. I would leave out the tortillas. Just saying


    1. Art, that sound’s good to me. I love it when folks understand that these suggestions(recipes) are just guidelines, to be followed or interpreted to each ones liking and lifestyle 🙂
      Cheers my friend.


  2. This is the typical “western” style of stewing: brown the meat first then simmering until tender. I suggest trying the “Mexican” style: simmer the seasoned meat first with a couple of large pieces of onion in a small amount of water (just enough to cover) in a large enough pan so that the pork is in one layer. Cook the pork so it is just tender, not falling apart. Then carefully brown the meat in the rendered fat. You will appreciate the difference!
    If you want the real thing, then gently fry the seasoned raw pork in pork fat until tender. Add chopped garlic in the last two minutes of cooking. That is the true carnitas, Michoacan style!


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