Breakfast Of Champions # 22 “Pytt I Panna”

I have
been introduced to this dish early in my career as a cook, when I was working at the “Hotel Kattegat” in Torekov, Sweden. At the time, I did not think of it as something special, maybe because we cooked it by he ton, since it is a staple of swedish cuisine. But, over the years, I have grown to love it in all it’s various incarnations. It is basically a dish made of leftover meat and potatoes. What particular meat you use is up to whatever leftovers you’ve got. However, when I make pytt i panna nowadays, I usually prepare everything from scratch, so I use my favorite pytt i panna meat, which is either salame or chorizo, whichever of the two happens to be in the house.

Pytt Y Panna

Pytt Y Panna



Ingredients :

Potatoes,   cooked,
diced Salame,   diced, (substitute any meat/sausage you have available
Onion,   diced
Egg,  sunny side up
Kosher salt,
Black pepper,   freshly ground Butter,
Scallion,   finely sliced  (usually in Sweden we use dill leaves)
Ingredients for your favorite side salad:-)

Method : Saute potatoes in butte until golden, add meat and onions and saute until onions are translucent and meat starts to become slightly brown, Season with salt and pepper. To serve, place hash on serving dish, sprinkle with scallions, top with fried egg. Pair with a small salad.
Smaklig måltid !   Life is Good !
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  1. MMMmmmm – now I’m hungry for brunch! I also make something similar. When the mish-mash (like you said, leftovers) is almost done, I make holes in it and crack the eggs and serve it up as a large pie. In England we call it bubble and squeak!!


  2. Hans,i speciale like this kind of mixture,i did not no it comes from sweden .I guess many
    Country,s got there own combination,like Hamburg uses Pork Roast or Sausage cut up,
    topped with Gravy and a fried Egg .
    When you where in Sweden did you had the pleasure meeting Chef Voegeli from the
    Palace Hotel in Stockholm,creator of the Dish.I met him in Frankfurt at the
    Culinary Olympics.
    Great Item again,best Regards CHEF ROLF


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