” Schweine Sülze “

” Pork in Aspic
While most folks have heard of  head cheese  ( Schweinskopf Sulze ), many are put off by the thought of eating pig’s head, although it contains without doubt the best parts of the pig, such as the snout, ears, tongue and, best of all, the cheeks. So here is the “tamer”  version ,  “Schweine Sulze “,  made entirely from the shoulder of the pig with no head or feet in sight. However, while the taste is the same, it lack’s some of the wonderful texture you get by using the head and / or feet. I did not omit the head because I don’t like it, but rather because for some strange reason I was not able to find a pig’s head  in any shop around here for nearly six weeks. Not even pig’s feet,  which make a great substitute for the head. Now they are available again in the neighborhood. Go figure.
Thank you Lord !  (And You, dear pigs  🙂

Ingredient’s :

Pork shoulder,   excess fat removed, diced
Chicken stock,
Carrots,   finely sliced
Banana peppers,   pickled, sliced
Eggs,   hard boiled, sliced
Scallions,  sliced
Radishes,   finely sliced
Dill pickles,  cubed
Onion,   sliced
Kosher salt,
Cayenne pepper,
White wine vinegar,
Garlic paste,
Gelatine,   powdered

Method :

Simmer diced pork and carrots in seasoned chicken stock.  Simmer until very tender, but not falling apart. Add vegetables, bring to a simmer and remove from heat at once. Take a bit of the hot stock to dissolve the gelatin. Return to the stock, add vinegar and adjust seasoning. Keep in mind that once the aspic has cooled and solidified, the seasoning will have nearly disappeared. So make sure that you “over season “a bit , especially with the vinegar, to compensate for this effect. Place meat into serving dish or mold, top with sliced eggs and ladle stock and vegetables to cover. Place into refrigerator and let set. When the top has solidified, add some more stock to completely cover the meat, eggs and vegetables. Let set overnight. Serve with sauce gribiche or a vinaigrette with lots of onions and sautéed potatoes or a rustic bread. Cold milk will not do as accompaniment to this beauty, I recommend a good beer  (or two   🙂

Bon Appetit !   Prost !


  1. WOW! Brought back great memories of my Austrian grandmother and going to her house. What a treat it was was she said she made this. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks

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  2. Ahhh, this brings me back to Salzburg in 1991. I was working with an elderly chef in a small family hotel. One day, he brought in this massive pig head and I was wild! “What is he going to do with it?” I thought. We eat pig heads at home so i was wondering what he’s going to cook with it. He made Schweine Sulze and I had to wait for three days to have a taste. I remembered it was served with kuerbiskernoel. It was heavenly! Chef Hans was right, without pig head, you are missing the texture.

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