” The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World “, #3

# 3. Baby Mice Wine

From: Korea.

What the hell is it?

What better to wash down your gelatinous lumps of lye fish than a nice chilled cup
of dead mice?What better indeed.Baby mice wine is a traditional Chinese and Korean
“health tonic,” which apparently tastes like raw gasoline. Little mice, eyes still closed,
are plucked from the embrace of their loving mothers and stuffed (while still alive)
into a bottle of rice wine. They are left to ferment while their parents wring their tiny
mouse paws in despair, tears drooping sadly from the tips of their whiskers.

Wait, it gets worse …

Do you wince at the thought of swallowing a tequila worm? Imagine how you’d feel
during a session on this bastard. Whoops, I swallowed a dead mouse! Whoops,
there goes another one! Whoops, I just puked my entire body out of my nose!

Excerpts from an article by
Tim Cameron on www.Cracked.com

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