Blueberry Delight With Limoncello & Prosecco

Lately I find myself making Limoncello and Orangecello often. They are simple to produce and, if you decide to make it your self,  you can easily adjust the taste exactly to your liking by adjusting the ratio of the ingredients, as well as by changing the type of vodka and / or fruit you you use. Try mixing some other citrus fruits into your concoction, such as lime, calamansi, blood oranges, etc. The possibilities are endless and you can proudly promote your own, home made, personalized liquor. Think special bottles, labels, presentation boxes and so forth. These will make great gifts and provide you and your friends with that special drink for that special occasion. ( Coming home from work would be a great occasion. Just saying…… 🙂
So, today I brought home some fresh blueberries which I thought I will turn into a nice pie. However, when opening the fridge to put the blueberries away until tomorrow, I thought I heard the limoncello bottle call out to me:  Hey, wait a minute………
So, just about five minutes later, I was out on the terrace, enjoying my new creation and congratulating myself to this new recipe in my dessert repertoire.

Blueberry  Smoothie With Limoncello & Prosecco

Blueberry Delight With Limoncello & Prosecco



Ingredient’s :

Fresh blueberries,   four cups, chilled
Limoncello,   one cup
Vanilla greek yogurt,   two cups
Prosecco,   two cups
Honey,   1/4 cup
Crashed ice,   two cups
Serves 4

Method :

Pulse all ingredients in a blender until berries are crushed .
To serve, sprinkle with some fresh blueberries.
Limoncello / Orangello Recipe :


Lemons,   one dozen  (for Orangecello, replace the lemons with nine oranges)
Vodka,   one quart
Water,   four cups
Sugar,   3 cups

Method :

Peel the lemons, making sure that there is no white part remaining on the peel   ( bitter ! ) .
Put the lemon peel and the vodka in a sealable glass bottle. Let stand at room temperature for two days. Strain, discard peel.
Dissolve the sugar over low heat, remove from heat and let cool completely.
Mix the syrup with the vodka, chill until very cold.
Enjoy by itself, over ice , or as a longdrink mixed to your taste. Cheers !

Cheers !   Life is Good !




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