” When A Cook Makes A Mistake…..Culinary Quotes “

Culinary Wisdom at it’s finest  🙂

” If an architect makes a mistake,  he grows ivy to cover it. If a doctor makes a mistake, he covers it with soil. If a cook makes a mistake, he covers it with some sauce and say’s it is a new recipe.”
Paul Bocuse

“All the best cooking is simple. There is really nothing new in it. I have 4,000 cookbooks dating back to 1503, and everything that is in nouvelle cuisine was there 200 years ago.”
Anton Mosimann

“All of Bavaria can be divided into a small group of butchers and a larger group of people who look like butchers.”
Heimito von Doderer

“After all the trouble you go to, you get about as much actual ‘food’ out of eating an artichoke as you would from licking 30 or 40 postage stamps.”
Miss Piggy

“A nickel will get you on the subway, but garlic will get you a seat.”
Old New York Proverb

“…the key dietary messages are stunningly simple: Eat less, move more, eat more fruits and vegetables, and don’t eat too much junk food. It’s no more complicated than that.”
Marion Nestle

“A house where neither wine nor welcome is served to friends, soon will have none.”
Rob Hutchison

“A converted cannibal is one who, on Friday, eats only fishermen.”
Emily Lotney

“A diet is when you watch what you eat and wish you could eat what you watch.”
Hermione Gingold
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Source unknown



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