” Tandoori Inspired Baked Chicken “

Many years ago when Maria and I lived in Karachi, Pakistan, we developed a deep passion for Indian and Pakistani Food. The  chicken I made for dinner tonight was not cooked in a tandoori, nor was it seasoned with the “proper” spice blend a cook wood actually use to make a traditional tandoori chicken.
Nevertheless, this dish came out of the oven smelling, tasting  and looking like the best of them  🙂


All about  Tandoori Chicken

All about  Tandoor

Ingredients :

Chicken,                    Breast and legs, cut in half
Garlic,                        paste
Ginger,                       grated
Hot sauce,                 preferably scotch bonnet
Kosher salt,
Butter,                         melted, in a spray bottle
Scallions,                   sliced fine, for garnish
Chili,                           roasted, for garnish

Method :

Cut deep slits into the chicken, about 1/2 inch apart.
Mix all seasonings with the yoghurt, rub onto chicken
and into the cut’s until well covered. Marinate overnight.
Bake in a 410 F oven until done. During baking, spray often
with the melted buter.
To serve, top with roasted chili and sprinkle with scallions



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