” Chicken Baked In Salt Crust “

This is one of my favorite chicken recipes.
Season the inside with sriracha and salt, stuff it with orange quarters,
lots of garlic and scallions. Then make the salt dough by combining egg whites,
salt and flour, pack the chicken in it and bake it until the meat has reached
a temperature of of 158. remove the chicken and let rest another 20 minutes
before opening the crust. The carry-over heat will take it to a safe 165 temperature.
For most effect, crack and open the  crust table side. For  condiments and sides,
you can go chinese or western. Because the texture and taste reminds me so much
of the time i used to live in singapore and enjoyed “Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice”,
I usually go chinese, but  just condiments, no rice or vegetables because together with
Bella we usually eat the whole thing in one sitting ! You can of course accompany it
with steamed rice and maybe bok choy, or you can go western style and serve a
western style vegetable and maybe mashed potatoes or noodles, in which case you
probably serve it with a veloute to keep it all moist and tasty.

Enjoy ! Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !


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