# 1000 !!! (ChefsOpinion’s Post # One-Thousand)

1000 th
Dear Friends,
I would like to thank all my readers for being loyal followers of ChefsOpinion for the past four years.
When I started this blog, I was a very different, happier man. My wife Maria was still alive, I was still active and successful in the profession I had chosen more than four decades earlier, and I was still living the good life 🙂
But alas, in 2013 my life took a turn for the worse and all I had to keep me going was my dear Bella and my love for cooking. (And eating).
From that point of view, Bella and ChefsOpinion was what kept me alive and kicking 🙂
Originally, (before the downward spiral of my life), the idea was to build this blog into a professional website and make a living doing so. But I found out soon enough that I did not have the motivation, nor the drive, to build another business from scratch again.
So, after a bit of adjusting, ChefsOpinion became my  Culinary Diary.
The reward for spending lot’s of $, time and effort to produce my “Diary” is in my knowledge that I am able to entertain and inspire so many people with my food. Between my direct subscribers, the web-search results and mostly by my fellow linkedin hospitality-professionals, ChefsOpinion has now anywhere from 200 to 2000 hits a day. This is even more remarkable when you realize that most of the dishes I publish are down to earth, “real food” items, which are prepared for the purpose of being enjoyed as good-tasting, enjoyable and easy to re-create meals, not some fancy, over-styled concoction which solely exists to look pretty, as do so many (if not most) of the food-pics you’ll find nowadays on the internet, in books and in magazines.
My pictures are taken free-hand (no tripod or special lighting), with a $100 point and shoot camera. As for my writing, I usually do it at around 3.00 am when it’s quiet and Bella is asleep. No fancy proof readers, no quest to write in a never before seen witty style. If professional photography and professional essays are what you are looking for, ChefsOpinion is not it.
If, however, you are interested and maybe even passionate about food that comes from the heart and can be re-created and enjoyed day after day by you and your loved ones – welcome again to my humble publication.
I am also happy to report that my private life has started to normalize and I am enjoying life as much as possible, even without Maria by my side; but Maria is in my daily thoughts and prayers forever and I will never cease to love her 🙂
So, dear friends, I hope that I can entertain you with my blog for years to come and I hope to see you down the road when it is time to celebrate Post # 2000 🙂
Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !
If you have not subscribed yet, today is a great day to do so – and to tell your friends to do the same 🙂  Thanks !


  1. Many Thanks Hans! Good Luck! 
    Chef Tony Baran Please see my new culinary art history: A Brief Culinary Art History of The Western Chef Avante-Guarde Through The 20th Century by Tony Baran.
    Available on Amazon

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  2. Dear Chef Hans:

    I’m one of your avid followers from the early beginning of your Chef’s Opinion Blog, your comments from the heart Hans, and I admire your love for Food, and your generous sharing of
    over 40 years of your experience, in the Culinary field. You are an icon in the kitchen, having
    traveled the world, learning and teaching, having endured all of this time, through blood, sweat,
    tears, and all that comes with the job. Losing your wife Maria, was a terrible blow to your life, of
    much love and happiness, having Maria by your side, as you both lived the life of travel, and
    enjoying the fruits of success, that brought much enjoyment to your lives, and now with Bella,
    she is your strength and motivation, to continue what you have been doing so well, always
    remembering Maria, the love of your life, who will always be by your side. Always stay strong
    Hans, give Bella a hug often, I know she too, will always be there for you, and your many friends
    have have followed you, in your continuing journey, in this wonderful world of Food and Drink.

    All the best in the kitchen – John R. Vicente CHA/3D

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  3. Dear John and Elli,
    thank you for your usual kind words and the support you have given me, Bella and ChefsOpinion throughout the years 🙂
    It is the support and occasional comments that keep my spirit and hope for a good future for Bella and I and the of course ChefsOpinion alive and kicking.
    John, we’ll exchange our well-wishes again with each other down the road when it’s time to celebrate post # 2000 🙂
    Cheers and all the best to you and Elli !


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