” Watermelon Salad “

In yesterday’s heat,
this was the most refreshing snack I could think of :


Watermelon,                          diced
Mint,                                        chiffonade
Lime,                                        juiced
Raspberry vinegar,
Olive oil,
lime zest,                                 micro planed
Black Pepper,                         freshly ground
Salt,                                          kosher

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


  1. Sounds delicious. I worked in a restaurant were we did a watermelon salad. It was spinach, diced watermelon and marcona almonds. The dressing was a minted yogurt. This reminds me of that. Ah the good ol’ days, huh?


  2. Here’s a unique fresh watermelon dessert for you Chef!

    Watermelon Cake
    A cake that requires no baking! A fun summer activity for children and adults alike! You can chill this for a couple hours before serving, but for best results, consume cake the same day you make it.

    Serves: 12


    1 sm (abt 10 lbs) red, seedless watermelon
    2 c lemon low-fat yoghurt
    1 8-oz tub Cool Whip
    1 pt strawberries
    ½ pt blueberries
    ½ pt raspberries


    1. Wash and dry the uncut watermelon.
    2. Cut the narrow ends off the watermelon and, with one cut end down on a cutting board, slice off the rind in strips and discard.
    3. Turn the watermelon on its side and slice the flesh into 2-in rounds.
    4. Select three rounds from the middle that are closest to the same diameter.
    5. Set aside the remaining watermelon.
    6. Place one watermelon round flat on cutting board and place a small plate or cake board about 7-ins in diameter over the melon.
    7. Use the plate as a template to trim the melon into a perfect circle.
    8. Repeat with the remaining two rounds.
    9. Gently pat the rounds dry with paper towels.
    10. In med glass or ceramic bowl, combine yoghurt and whipped topping until blended.
    11. Place one watermelon round on a cake serving platter and top it with about 1 c yoghurt mixture.
    12. Spread evenly over the top of the melon.
    13. Place the second watermelon round atop the “frosting” and spread another cup of topping evenly across that round.
    14. Add the third round of watermelon and “frost” the top and sides with the remaining topping.
    15. Slice strawberries and place along the base of the cake.
    16. Decorate the top with the raspberries and blueberries (as shown in above photo).
    17. Serve immediately or chill for a couple hours before slicing and serving.
    18. Refrigerate leftovers.
    Chef’s Note: To create mini layers so children can frost and decorate their own personal cakes, use a lg round cookie cutter, biscuit cutter, or mousse ring to cut the watermelon slices into several cakes. As another variation, try a yellow meat watermelon and use raspberry low-fat yoghurt instead of the lemon flavor in the frosting.


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