Tomato Bisque , Morcilla Dumplings & Pasta

Morcilla  lovers – this dish is a knock-out !
As far as morcilla dishes go, it does not get much better, I can assure you 🙂
I know that not everybody shares my love for morcilla, but for those who do, this soup is magic.

Morcilla –
(blood pudding, blutwurst, boudin noir, sanguinaccio, blodkorv, boldpølse, kaszanka).

If you do re-create this dish, make sure the dumplings are as light as possible but holding their shape. The should easily fall apart when lightly pressed with a spoon.
If you are not a fan of morcilla, you can use any other protein such as fish, seafood, veal, game, pork or even finely diced vegetables.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


sprinkle scallions

Tomato Bisque, Morcilla Dumplings & Pasta


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