” The 6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World ” #6

Today: #6. Escamoles

From : Mexico.

What the hell is it?

Escamoles are the eggs of the giant black Liometopum ant, which makes its home in the root systems of maguey and agave plants. Collecting the eggs is a uniquely unpleasant job, since the ants are highly venomous and have some kind of blood grudge against human orifices.
The eggs have the consistency of cottage cheese. The most popular way to eat them is in a taco with guacamole, while being f……. insane.

Wait, it gets worse …

Escamoles have a surprisingly pleasant taste: buttery and slightly nutty. This hugely increases the chances that, while in Mexico, you could eat them without realizing you are eating a taco full of f….. ant eggs.

Danger of this turning up in America:

We’re not sure Taco Bell hasn’t snuck this sh.. into their food already. Just make sure you know what’ in that burrito. Ask at the counter if you have to. Also, watch those ads close because they’ll try to dress it up in some kind of friendly-sounding, pseudo-Mexican name.

Excerpts from an article by
Tim Cameron on www.Cracked.com


  1. You know what else tastes like cottage cheese – cottage cheese. You want buttery and nutty… make a nice risotto.


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