” Healthy Mac & Cheese and Guacamole “

“Healthy”  mac & cheese ?  Why not, it’s got veggies  🙂
Well, there you have it. It all depends on how you look at things.
But honestly, what’s wrong with a good meal of pasta, cheese, cream
and vegetables ? Nothing ! Just don’t do what I did :
Eating too much of it at one time. ( The pic’s of the individual portion
should indicate a proper portion for the health- and weight- conscious).
Everybody else : Just dig in and enjoy.

Life is too short to feel miserable about thing’s that make you feel good!


Ingredient‘s :

Ziti,                          cooked al dente
Carrots,                   blanched
Broccoli,                 blanched
Celery,                     finely diced
Garlic,                     paste
Whip cream,
Whole egg,            whisked
Salame,                  diced
Sharp cheddar,    shredded
Parmesan,            shredded
Brie,                        finely diced
Salt,                        to taste
cayenne,                to taste
Chili flakes,          to taste
Maggi,                   to taste

Guacamole :

Avocado,               diced
Lime,                      juiced
Fresh chilis,         finely sliced
Cilantro,                coarsely chopped
Garlic,                    paste
Salt,                        to taste
Cayenne,               to taste

Method :
Pasta :

Butter a ovenproof casserole generously with butter.
Mix all ingredients except the chili flakes and half the parmesan.
Fill casserole to the rim, sprinkle with parmesan and chili flakes.
Bake until set and crust is golden. Serve with Guacamole.

Guacamole :

Mix all ingredients until guacamole has the texture you desire.
The more you stir, the more the avocado breaks down and the
guacamole becomes smoother, less chunky.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


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