Happy Holiday’s

Dear Friend’s,

as this year draws to a close, I wish you all a very happy holiday season
and a prosperous, healthy, happy and content new year.
May your God keep you healthy, your love for all good thing’s
growing and your every need’s and wishes come true.
Happy Cooking, Eating & Sharing

Best Regard’s,  Hans Susser

Life is Good !
Hans Susser




  1. Same to you Chef. Thanks for all the yummy recipes. Somehow if you could reach out to the Newtown Ct community. Maybe sometime next year some sort of a celebrity chef dinner featuring your famous friends of the culinary community. Robert

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  2. and a Marry Christmas to all
    do not afraid to say it, if anything I love tradition and Christmas will be Christmas for ever……………………. as long as we will respect our traditions

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  3. Happy XMas and any other WSolstice celebrations that occur to you; I’ve greatly enjoyed your posts this last year… currently recovering from seemingly cooking for all of Marin, CA yesterday @ work! Rock on, Chef!

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