” Flank Steak & Veggies “

I have done a few variations of this dish lately and I have become a real fan of it.
Cutting the flank in finger sized pieces, dusting it with corn starch and sauteing
at high heat gives a very pleasant texture and taste. And of course, mixing it with
great vegetables, lots of garlic and then deglazing the pan with red wine or
white wine, depending on the type of veggies – what could be better, once all
these flavors and textures come together in a simple, hearty, flavorful dish   🙂




Ingredient’s :

Flank steak,                    cut into large strips
Corn starch,                     to dust beef
Onions,                            diced
Grape tomatoes,             whole
Artichoke hearts,           whole, canned
Butter beans,                   canned
Garlic,                               paste
Scallions,                         sliced large
Oyster sauce,                   to taste
Sriracha,                           to taste
Teriyaki sauce,                to taste
Kosher salt,                     to taste
Cayenne,                           to taste
Peanut oil,                        to saute

Method :

Season beef with salt and pepper, dust with corn starch and saute
in very hot oil until nicely browned at the outside, rare on the inside.
Transfer to a rack with a plate underneath to catch the juices.
Saute all vegetables and garlic. except scallions,  until fragrant.
Add a bit of white wine and the collected beef juices to deglaze,
add sriracha, oyster sauce and teriyaki sauce, blend well.
Add the beef, adjust seasoning if necessary .
To serve, sprinkle with the sliced scallions.



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