” What are the real causes for the mounting dissatisfaction in the hospitality industry. “

Dear Friend’s,
for the past few years I have seen a mounting number of members of the
hospitality industry voice a growing dissatisfaction for many aspects of
our industry.
Starting with the rookies,  the apprentices, through the line staff, junior
management, senior management, and owners, as well as the hospitality
industry students and teachers,all seem to be competing who has the most
damaging and negative, sometimes even degrading “facts ” to bring to light
about our once beloved industry .
I encourage you all to shed some facts on the real problems which paint such
a negative picture within our own ranks. Maybe if there would be more
positive, realistic energy and good will instead of all the  loathing and
negative outlook, we could all see a brighter, friendlier and more positive
outlook for our hospitality environment.

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    1. hello Julie
      you may be right however if you look carefully at these situations you will find that a lot of the chefs frustrations are caused as much by internal politics, ill trained staff and bad communication while working in a high pressure environment .



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