” Collard Greens & Smoked Neck Bones “

We  southerner’s sure love our greens .
(Southern Germany in my case, that’s why the
roast potatoes instead of the corn bread)    🙂

I cooked a great amount of pork so at the end there
was a good amount of  potlikker  left which I froze.
Next time I’ll go to the store I will buy kale to make
a great Caldo Verde with the leftover potlikker.

All about  Collard Greens


Ingredient’s :

Collard greens, each leaf washed individually,
– stem removed, cut into 2″ strips
Smoked pork neck bones,
Onions,  sliced
Garlic,  paste
Rendered pork fat,  (schmalz)
– substitute with chicken or duck fat if you prefer
Kosher salt,
Black pepper,  freshly ground
Maggi seasoning,
Scotch bonnet,  for a little kick

Method :

Simmer smoked pork in lightly salted water until almost tender.
Meanwhile, saute onions and garlic in your fat of choice until
onions are translucent and garlic fragrant. Add to the simmering
pork. When pork is almost tender, add the greens and seasoning
and cook until greens are tender. Depending on the season, this
can take anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours.
(I cooked those greens for two more hours and the pork and greens
were just perfect. Adjust the seasoning before you serve.
As I mentioned, traditionally in the american south you
would  serve this with corn bread. However, around the world
different customs call for different sidings, from potatoes to rice
to just a hearty slice of bread to soak up the potlikker. You might
also want to try to sprinkle some parmigiano  reggiano over the top,
which I did with my re-heated left overs. Another knock-out   🙂

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! 



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