Seafood Pizza & Salsa Mexicana

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I just
 loved this pizza my friend Leo and I had last night.
According to Leo, the best pizza he ever had.
(Unfortunately, he is not exactly a food expert, so the verdict is still out 🙂 )

Pizza Dough Recipe Here

Toppings : Mascarpone cheese, squid, crab meat, scallions, chili flakes,
dried oregano, asiago cheese finely grated, garlic paste,  salsa mexicana.

Note : Add the salsa and scallions after cooking, just before serving.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! >

Seafood Pizza & Salsa Mexicana

Seafood Pizza & Salsa Mexicana






  1. Since I’ve had terrible luck with pizza dough, i’m going to try this with the dough from Publix. Love the seafood ingredients, definitely will make this

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