” Baked Pork Ribs “

Last nights dinner.
If you slowly simmer the ribs until they tender, they stay wonderfully moist inside
and you have a great broth for your next soup. Then make a tasty sauce with the
pictured ingredients, smother the ribs all over and bake at 375 for 45 minutes.

Bon Appetit !    
Life is Good!      🙂 



  1. Are your searching for Barbecue Recipes too? I truly adore this blog. So much excellent meat. I like all type of barbecue, but my positively best-loved is actually Carolina Barbecue. However, a very good Texas Brisket makes a couple of the very best barbecue recipes on the our planet. I’m a searcher in a quest for the best barbecue!


  2. I’ve been strongly considering using a Balsamic vinagarette that I make for a barbecue sauce. Has anyone tried this? Ingredients are Balsamic vin, honey, dijon and olive oil. Sound like it would work to you? It is delicious on salads so I’m assuming that it would be delicious on some braised pork ribs. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.


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