Chinese Pickled Cucumber

Chinese  cucumber  salad.  涼拌黃瓜 (liáng bàn huáng guā)
This is a dish I make often at home. It is easy to prepare, economical , (say cheap if you want  :-). It holds up well in the fridge for a few day’s and I use it as appetizer, side dish or snack during any time of the day, but mostly late at night when I want something tasty, fresh and spicy.


Ingredients :

Cucumbers,   cut into batons
White rice vinegar,
Garlic,   paste
Ginger,   grated
Chili ,   diced  (substitute peper flakes if you must)
Soy sauce,   just a small amount, so as not to discolor cucumbers
Sesame oil,
Kosher salt,

Method :

Salt the cucumbers, cover and let stand for 30 minutes. Discard the salty juices which have collected. Ad all other  ingredients, adjust seasoning if necessary.

Note: For a variation add a teaspoon of finely diced ginger. You can substitute the cucumber with another vegetable such as radish, jicama, cabbage or Chinese cabbage.


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