Hopefully, This Is To A New Beginning……..


If Bella and I have to run because the house is destroyed, these bags contain our life. Medicine, passport, computer, tablet, $, change of clothes, toiletries, some goodies for Bella. Hope it does not come to that. Let’s hope for the best……

Dear Friends of ChefsOpinion,
As most of you know, Bella and I live in South Florida.
As most folks around the world know by now, we expect to have a bit of a problem with category 5 Hurricane Irma, who is forecast to hit us in a few short hours.
So far it has left tremendous destruction in its path through the Caribbean.
At this point, we can only hope for the best. All precautions have been done and the only thing left is to pray.
The irony is  that I have a flight booked for next Wednesday to Germany, where I have planed to move back to permanently before year’s end.
I just hope I did not wait too long…….
But, Bella and I are in good spirits and hope that this monster will not cause us too much harm and we, as well as everybody else, will get out of this with minimal financial harm and that our health and lives will be spared.
I wish everybody a great weekend, good luck and I hope to report back in a few day’s that Bella and I have come out of this unscathed 🙂 .

Cheers, and God Bless 🙂



  1. Take care of yourselves, both of you. I have three offspring on an extended visit to the greater Orlando area, so I am watching, although I believe that evacuation is not suggested for people so far north and inland. However……….

    I am sure that you will be all right. My own experience of Florida is that the too numerous drunks behind driving wheels are potentially more dangerous than a mere hurricane.

    Your move back to Germany is interesting news, indeed. It will be seen how your recipes change with the different ingredients readily available.

    Most important, though – be safe, and I look forward to hearing from you when these three storms are past – perhaps with a lighthearted treatment of spam fritters from your “bunker” rations, cooked over a spirit stove!

    As ever,


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  2. My best to you and Bella! We will meet on the other side of this monster storm! Stay safe and do not take any risks. You are in my thoughts… I am a few hours north of you and have prepared for the roof of this old building to come off. Nearly everything is covered in plastic and mementos are in my car….

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  3. I am in San Francisco and have geared up because of earthquakes more than once. I understand. Love ❤️ your cooking and blog 😉 good 😊 luck Andrea laudate Retired chef 👨‍🍳

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  4. Dear Chef Hans and Bella (your friends with connections to their kitchens). We wish you both the very best during this period of uncertainty. Be safe, forget the material things, life is only once, stay focused and move with the flow if asked to evacuate. We know you both will be blessed, and your planned trip back to Germany, will be fulfilled, when the timing is right for you
    and Bella. You both are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. I know you will be on hand if needed, to help with any cooking needs to feed the many fellow Floridians, who will be needing all the the help that they can get, to restart their lives – God Bless Hans and Bella – John & Elli

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    1. Hi John and Elli,
      Thank you for your good wishes 🙂
      I had tried to contact you some time back because I had not heard from you for some time. Great that you are both fine.
      Cheers my friends 🙂


  5. Hans, this is to let you know that Jeff and Ellen are praying for you and hope all is well–we have never met but I read your blog all the time. We were good friends with Rolf Eiring and I understand you were too. Hope you are ok and God Bless

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  6. Wishing both the best of luck and happiness. Can’t wait to read what u offer us from your german kitchen. Thinking of u & Bella in these stormy days! Regards from South Africa. Ek dink aan julle!


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