Why on earth do the younger generations ” Not Give A Hood ” anymore?

Why on earth do the younger generations  ” Not Give A Hood ” anymore?
By Chef Hans D. Susser

Lately there seems to be a clear indication that a large part of the “younger generations don’t give a hood anymore”. They are disillusioned, unmotivated, have no morals, work ethics, sense of urgency, etc, etc. Fact ? Surely to some extent. Yet I believe every previous generation has had the same conviction before the present one: “Everything was better in our time”. The world and everything in it has changed so much and so rapidly in the past 100 years. For the older generations it seems to be harder and harder to keep up with the increasing flow of information and technology. For the younger generations there seems to be a less and less apparent need to base their life on morals, pride, community, good behavior, decency and personal accountability.

End of story.

But hold on a minute – are the young generations alone to blame for the loss of these ideals ? Let’s see :

– Who has trashed the economy and created a multitude of factors which combine to form the mess we are finding us sitting in?
– A pitiful job market and a whole generation floundering?
– No proper prospects for a whole generation to live the lifestyle they saw their parents enjoy ?
– No leaders who seem to have what it takes, on all levels of the economy, education and politics?
– Who has all but eliminated the base for a proper, prosperous blue collar workforce?

I believe those were the generations before this one, the baby boomers in particular.
The damage has been done and it must be fixed – NOW!
We must stop taking serious all those half-assed psychological theories by people who have been sitting in class rooms on their tenured butt their whole life without being part of the real world, who want to convince us that is ok to fail at all levels and a good cry will relieve us from our responsibilities. We must stop painting the mess pink, accept what it is (a certified pile of crap) and we must move on! Nobody thinks it will be easy but the time to act is now! We need to wake up and smell the roses.
-We, ALL generations, must understand that being filthy rich is the exception, not the norm.
-We must understand that we will have to work hard when we are young.
-We will have to understand that we have to study hard when we are young.
-We will have to understand that :
-If we are hungry, we must eat – not cry.
-If we are thirsty, we must drink – not cry.
-If we are wet, we must dry off – not cry.
-If our house burns down, we must rebuild – not cry.
-If a politician screws up, we must replace him/her – not cry.
-If our economy has gone to the birds, we must fix it, not cry.
The damage is done! The crying is done! Let’s fix the damage by being responsible for our actions and holding others responsible for theirs. Let’s do things the right way. Let us all ” give a hood” again, one by one and we shall see a better future on all levels in all matters- family, work, politics, education and our social environment . We need to re-discover the decent, proper values on which we must base our personal and professional decisions and apply them to our lives accordingly. If the majority of us is willing and able to do this now, then build on it and install these virtues in the following generations, we will achieve a solid, prosperous future for the next “younger generations” to come, so they will have a reason to care and to ” give a hood “. We must give the younger generations the hope and motivation, the moral and economical guidelines, the necessary skills and knowledge to get out of their lethargy and start building their own future. We must be the leaders which our successors in family, profession and life deserve.

End of story.


  1. Although I may agree with your position, I have to disagree that it’s the “End of story.” Rather the story is just beginning. Perhaps this is an opportunity for everyone to open their eyes and see that our parents weren’t just complaining and that things were actually getting worse like you said.

    However just stating that is not going to fix things. We all have a voice, and it’s the ballot. But before you charge off to the polls to “vote for change” which is what got is in this mess in this first place, look at what change is available.

    Admittedly, this message isn’t just for you, but since you made a really good point here, I feel it’s a good place to point out as I’ve been trying to do wherever I see the right ideas pop up, and that is change for the sake of change itself is not the answer. Change may be good, but just any change is not always helpful.

    First we must educate ourselves on what change is really necessary because we’ve lost all of the quick answers, all of the silver bullets. There’s no quick fix for this problem. Starting a war or going to space is not going to fix the economy of galvanize our nation. The time for inspirational speeches and empty words are over.

    The time has come for actual solutions that can turn this ship around and set it in the right direction. Unfortunately that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Please feel free to let me know what you feel needs to be changed and how we can get out of this mess.

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    1. “End of story” was just meant as an exclamation point, not as resignation to the fact that we are in a deep mess, which will only worsen if we don’t all help to get out of it.


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