The Struggle Continues, But I Still Feel Blessed – Could Be (Much) Worse………



So, it’s been 4 day’s since I’ve been diagnosed with another type of cancer – skin cancer.
I have been treated the same day, removal of 4 spots. The Doc said not to worry too much at this time, since we discovered it early.
As long as I check for new spots and have them removed every 2-3 months, I should be ok   
I am doing good, besides that the spot removed from under my eye looks like Mike Tyson hit me  
Ahhhh, the challenges ! Not easy to stay upbeat    
But as usual, I’ll manage   ………..

Life is Good !





  1. Chef Hans….

    You and so many others are on my nightly prayer list.
    Just keep your head on straight and in a positive driving forward motion.
    Looking forward to a great Sunday in December, I remain
    The friend you never met,
    Bob Wieder

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  2. Tenacity often begins with one’s thoughts. I am a half century old and am still learning that what I believe and internally digest, becomes my reality. I realize that this set back with skin cancer has shaken you, but do yourself a favor and think only positively about this newer challenge. Thank you for sharing your struggle today, because without sharing your fan base wouldn’t have been able to comfort you! Blessings upon blessings Hans! You have this thing called cancer beat, make sure you keep saying to yourself that you are healthy and do many good things to take care of yourself in all manners!

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  3. You are blessed Chef! and your posts are blessing me. Glad you found and acted immediately.. my Dad is in the recovery stages from throat cancer now. Stay Upbeat!


  4. Good for you. Now start reading up on cancer fighting foods. I did my research on my heart condition and all the junk they give you in the hospital I am eating better and have less pain. Good luck Mama L Andrea

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