“Breakfast Of Champions # 15 ” – Scrambled Eggs…..

Don’t  you just hate it when you go to bed real late because you don’t have to work the next day and you look forward to sleeping-in in the morning, just to have your sweet dreams shattered by your inner alarm clock  at your regular get-up time (3.30am).  Why does my inner alarm clock not work when I forget to set my electronic alarm or when there is a power-out during the night ???  Anyway, since I was up and was going to watch a movie  ( Amour, by Michael Haneke ), a good breakfast was in order :

” Scrambled egg’s with naan, greek yogurt, Argentinian chorizo and sauted grape tomatoes, corn and peppers in herbed  garlic butter

Good start for the last day of 2012   🙂

Have a great day !   Live is Good !



Make sure you cook your eggs in the rendered chorizo fat after sauteing the sausages.
They’ll  loose a bit of their bright color but they gain so much flavor  🙂


  1. No truer words. The only times your inner alarm clock goes off is when it doesn’t have too. However it looks like you made the best of an early situation. Lookin good as usual chef.

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