Curried Pumpkin, Potato And Coconut Soup

> > The  style of this curry soup has it’s origins in Europe. As I mentioned in previous posts, many decades ago, when I was an apprentice in Europe, “curries” were prepared the European way, nothing at all like “real curries” as they exist in far-away land’s 🙂 Madras curry powder, ground cumin, cream or […]

Potato Soup With Smoked Pork Shanks, Fried Shallots And BBQ’d Corn

> > Am  I the only one who wishes dishes like this would widely be available in restaurants?? I am getting so very tired of seeing the same, mostly mediocre food on most restaurant menus. Of course there are a few exceptions, but these are mostly very high-end and not within reach of most of us […]

No Name Soup

> > This delicious soup follows the popular “whatever I find in the larder” principle. 🙂 Today, I found beef bones, mushrooms, canton noodles, eggs, cabbage, chinese sausage and fried shallots, which, together with a bit of time for the broth,  is all you need to prepare this tasty delight. > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! […]

Bulalo (Kansi) Beef Marrow Bone Soup

> > The  first time I had the pleasure to eat this soup I fell in love with it. It was at “Pistang Filipino”, an open air arts and craft center in Manila. (Little did I know then (1974), that a few years later I would be living next door for nearly five years). However, during […]

Chicken, Matzo Ball And Vegetables Soup – Recipe # 3731

> > Another  chicken soup post you say? – well, why not I say – there can never be enough of that beacon of traditional comfort food 🙂 On a rainy day; on a sunny day; on a sad day; on a happy day: Chicken soup, when prepared with love, will make you feel better, […]

Chicken, Noodle & Vegetable Soup Recipe # 1001

> < Chicken-noodle soup is probably the most unglamorous yet also one of the universally most loved dishes. Who doesn’t remember the comforting warmth it provided when ones Mom utilized it for that all-curing remedy (along with Vicks’VapoRub) during childhood and later as a grown-up the go-to comfort dish that made everything feel good again ? 🙂 […]

Tomato Spaghetti With Broccolini, Crispy Fried Eggs And Pangrattato (Spaghetti alla Soupi)

> > This  pasta-concoction deserves to be named after the cook who dreamed it up – ME 🙂 It has many of the “foodstuff’s” I love in one simple dish – pasta, pangrattato, cheese, butter, olive oil, basil, crispy fried eggs and lots of garlic confit. > Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! > > […]

Gulyásleves (Hungarian Goulash Soup) (Hungarische Gulaschsuppe)

> > As  I get older, I sadly realize that many of the dishes I took for granted and did not appreciate in my younger years only continue to exist in my memory and are forever gone in my daily life. Many dishes I remember from my years growing-up in Germany have vanished from my surroundings. Especially […]

Spinach, Potato & Garlic Cream Soup

> > Here  now is a top-candidate for easiest to prepare comfort food of the month 🙂 – Actual prep time – less than 5 minutes. – Total time from start to finish – 25 minutes max. – Gratification – immense 🙂 > Bon Appetit !   Life is Good ! > > > > > > […]

Beef And Glass Noodles In Coconut Soup

> > Coconut  milk is a common ingredient in many tropical cuisines, such as Burmese, Cambodian, Filipino, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Sri Lankan, Thai, Vietnamese, Peranakan and southern Chinese, as well as Brazilian, Caribbean, Polynesian, and Pacific islands cuisines. Even in non-tropical cuisines around the world, thanks to canning, dehydrating and freezing, coconut milk has become a […]