Today´s Lunch at “Chez Bella” – “Seafood Soup With Mee Noodles”

: (Five Minutes Preparation, Five Hundred Minutes Satisfaction) 🙂 : : Some leftover chicken stock with a bottle of clam juice (50/50 ratio), seasoned to taste with oyster sauce, toasted sesame oil, chili oil, ginger/garlic paste, sliced scallions and chilies, then added a pack of frozen seafood and a couple packs of Mee noodles, some […]

Bombay Carrot, Coconut & Ginger Soup With Salted Cucumbers

: : : If you think that the salted cucumber addition for this soup are just a fru-fru gimmick to add some green color to the picture, think again 🙂 These pickled cucumbers truly add an surprising element of sophistication to an otherwise simple, everyday soup. BTW, I also like to eat pickled cucumbers as […]

Not Your Mama´s Chicken/Noodle Soup – “Chicken Pho” (Phở Gà)

: : : If you have followed ChefsOpinion for a while, you might be aware of my passion for soups, especially for chicken noodle soup, prepared any-which-way. Without a doubt, the soup featured on this page is by far the best chicken noodle soup I have ever tasted. The combination and the amount used of […]

End Of Summer Celebration – “Creamy Tomato & Bell Pepper Soup”

: : : Now that summer is almost over in Germany, I took the opportunity to buy some of the last garden-grown tomatoes and bell peppers from my neighbor down the road. (In a normal year, September provides the last locally grown tomatoes, while the season for bell peppers ends during October/November. As much as […]

Chicken And Udon In Coconut/Chili Soup

: : : While this soup might seem a bit in the style of Thai food, it actually isn´t, but rather, it is a combination of things I love to be in my food – juicy simmered or roasted chicken, coconut/chicken broth, ginger, garlic, Ichimi togarashi, furikake, cilantro, Thai sweet chili sauce, and udon noodles, […]

Beef Shank Soup With Pasta & Ravioli (Rindersuppe Mit Schupfnudeln & Maultaschen)

: : : This soup contains four of my most beloved food-ingredients : Strong, flavorful Beef Broth, Maultaschen (Swabian Ravioli), Schupfnudeln (Swabian Gnocchi), Beef Shank and Grape Tomatoes, ready to burst from the heat.Each of these ingredients can stand at it´s own, but together, they are culinary bliss at it´s best. Serve the soup with […]


> > > Meatballs come in many shapes, sizes and flavors. In the western cuisine we are most familiar with Italian meatballs, while in Asian cuisine soup dumplings are the most common. Among Asian meatballs, Chinese lion heads are probably my favorite plain (no wrapper) meatballs. They are usually served in a flavorful soup, loaded […]

Turkey Soup (Thanksgiving Leftovers)

> > Yesterday’s turkey dinner had left me with some turkey and orzo with “stuff”. I also had chicken soup from the previous day in the fridge, so putting this (very delicious) meal on the table took all of five minutes of heating up leftovers, plating them and adding an egg yolk and fresh cilantro […]

Sauerkraut Soup

> > > > If you’ve ever lived in Germany or even just visited for a short time, you know that sauerkraut is everywhere, especially as you go further South. Sauerkraut is surprisingly versatile. At some time not too long ago, before fridges and freezers were found in every household, cabbage was one of the […]

Perfection In A Bowl – Leftover Veggies Soup

> > > Some of my favorite dishes are the ones that come together without set ingredients, without planning and without recipes. I just go to the fridge and/or cupboard, look what’s available and what needs to be used, and just throw together what I think will fit and taste delicious. Such was the case […]