: : When I was a kid and later as an apprentice and a young cook, this dish was available in most good restaurants as a standard a la carte Item, either as a light snack consisting of one vol au vent, or two vol au vents accompanied by a small salad as a main […]

Beef & Pork Stew with Sausages, Potatoes, Spätzle and Veggies

: : : I LOVE soups and stew of any kind, but served from a pretty serving dish like this will bring even the most simple soup or stew to a higher level 🙂 : Bon Appétit !   Life is Good ! : : Click here to read about  ARROGANCE & NARCISSISM OF THE HIGHEST […]

Schwäbishe Späzlepfanne Mit Pfifferlingen (Swabian Pasta & Chanterelle Mushrooms)

: : : There are three Chanterelle dishes for which I would leave just about any dish in the World behind (At least for a day or two 🙂  ) : “Chanterelles in Cream with Bread Dumplings” (Pfifferlinge in Sahnesauce mit Semmelknödel) : “Chanterelles with Lamb´s Lettuce and Crispy Bacon” (Pfifferlinge mit Feldsalat und Knusprigem […]

Schnitzel vom Schweinerücken „Zigeuner Art“

> >> > One of my first childhood memories involving food is about Schnitzel. When visiting a restaurant with my parents in my earliest years, more often than not at least one person of the family/group at the table ordered a schnitzel, sometimes everybody. There was a wide variety of schnitzel available, even in the most […]

Jägerschnitzel Vom Huhn Mit Pasta Und Schmelze – Chicken Cutlet Hunter Style

> > I just  have come across some debates about what constitutes a “true” Jägerschnitzel, so I’d like to put that to rest, right now, right here, with some authority on the subject (easy now !) 🙂 After all, I grew up  in Swabia in Southern Germany, where, during my youth, schnitzel were one of the […]

Beef Stroganoff (Not?)

> > Way  back when I prepared my first “Beef Stroganoff“, in the early 60’s at Hotel Wiedenfelsen” in the Black Forrest of Germany, “Beef Stroganoff” (Filet Goulasch Stroganoff) was a very popular dish, always made with tenderloin and served with Pommes Frites, Pommes Alumettes or Spätzle. At the time and in the area, stroganoff always contained the following: […]

Hungarian Beef Goulash

> > Today  I combined breakfast, lunch and dinner all into one fabulous meal. (I did however have a few fruits throughout the day). Goulash is one of the dishes which were a staple in the South of Germany when I grew up and it was enjoyed in most homes and simple and even fine restaurants frequently. Goulash is quite […]

Schwäbischer Zwiebelrostbraten Mit Pommes Frites (Swabian Style Rib Eye & Fries)

> > One  of any true Swabian and Austrian favorite dishes, zwiebel rostbraten is usually served with spätzle and a small salad. For my lunch today I substituted the spätzle with “Hans Special Fries” and omitted the salad. I also added capers and a bit of the capers pickle liquid to the sauce. I have done that […]

Tomaten – Käse Spätzle (South German Tomato/Cheese Pasta)

> > Käse Spätzle  is tasty homemade pasta tossed with onion and Emmentaler cheese. A German version of mac and cheese you might say. Typically eaten in the alpine regions of Austria, Switzerland and Germany, as well as in other non-alpine South-German regions. (Especially in Baden Wuertemberg, the original home of spätzle). In order to prepare […]

Kaninchenbraten Mit Hausgemachten Spätzle (Rabbit With Pasta)

> > Last  week I bought myself a rabbit at my neighborhood supermarket. As I was about to prepare it, I started to think about the animal in my hand’s and about how we humans love and respect some animals, while we disregard the majority of most species as soulless, feelingless Beings, which have no […]