” Rotelli, Cepes, Peppers & Chorizo “

Tonights quick and tasty dinner :
Rotelli, cepes, peppers and chorizo, giving non- offal lovers a break today .

( Offal  will be back tomorrow, three dishes to go   🙂



Rotelli,                          cooked al dente, strained, reserve some cooking water
Chorizo,                        sliced
Cepe mushroom,        re-hydrated
Onions,                        julienned
Chili peppers,              julienned
Garlic paste,                to taste
Kosher salt,                 to taste
Cayenne pepper,         to taste
Olive oil,                      to saute
Cilantro,                      coarsley chopped
Manchego,                  finely grated
Butter,                           whole, not melted
Olive oil,                      to saute

Method :

Saute onions, garlic and cepes in olive oil, until fragrant,
add chilies, pasta and seasoning, toss well. remove from heat.
Add  manchego cheese, butter and a bit of the cooking water from the pasta.
Toss again until the pasta is covered with a thin film of cheese sauce.
(Starch from the pasta, the butter, water and cheese will combine into
this delicious sauce). To serve, sprinkle with cilantro and more manchego cheese.

Bon Provecho !   Life is Good !



” Sauted Tilapia, Pasta & Buttered Asparagus “

Sunday’s Dinner.
Starting to be a real fan of tilapia   🙂