” Bella And Her Best Buddy, Jack

” Chicken Congee “

Great breakfast today. For me this ranks right up there with steak & egg !
Go wild with the condiments to make your own version  🙂 

Last Nights Late Night Snack:

Today At Home :
” Penne Carbonara “

Penne, Eggs, Cream, Butter, Chicharones, Toasted Breadcrumbs,
Parmesano Reggiano, Salt, Cayenne Pepper. Enjoy !


Hello Friends !

Dear Friends,

By now many of you have realized that “”  and “ChefCookFanPage” have not been updated for some time.
The reason is that it has become way to complicated and time-consuming for me to run a multi page  business website all by myself.
I have therefore decided to publish a more simple, contemporary, private Blog.
Lately I have had a very lively connection with many people from different walks of life on Facebook. The one common idea we all seem to share is of course our passion for good food.
However, I have noticed a growing interest in all things concerning our daily life, such as politics, economy, education, healthcare and human issues in general.
The blog format will give me and my like-minded (and also my not so like-minded) friends the opportunity to not only share good food online more easily, but also to ponder other issues of interest,
be they important, funny, sad, or just plain entertaining.


 Today At Home :

” Seafood Salad “

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