” Mock Pappardelle, Chorizo, Asparagus, Carrots & Gorgonzola “



My dilemma is:
I love pappardelle, but I seldom make fresh pasta
at home and I have never seen pappardelle on a store shelf,
at least not here in South Florida. The solution?
Use lasagna sheets. Break them into irregular shapes before
you cook them. The result was very satisfying for me and I will
resort to this many times to come, if, for whatever reason, fresh
pappardelle are not available or impractical to make from scratch
at the time.  ( For whatever reason ) .
Don’t knock it before you try it !      🙂


Ingredients :

Pappardelle,                  cooked al dente, strained  (or substitute pasta)
Chorizo,                          thinly sliced
Asparagus,                     blanched
Carrots,                           blanched
Gorgonzola,                   coarsely crumbled
Garlic,                              paste
Black Pepper                  freshly ground, to taste
Salt,                                  to taste
Olive oil

Method :

Saute garlic and chorizo in olive oil until garlic becomes translucent,
Add all other ingredients except gorgonzola,  saute until all ingredient’s
are well combined. To serve, top with crumbled gorgonzola.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !


” Naan, Brie & Vegetable Pizza “

Indian, Italian, French, “CON-fusion”    :- )

This was soo delicious !
Light, tasty, crispy; fun, easy and quick !

Bon Appetit ! Life is Good !