Wodka Sauce

Ziti In Wodka Sauce

If  you love pasta, this dish is for you.
The only, important, vital thing to take into consideration :
Butter, butter, butter.!  Olive oil  just does not cut it here.
I know butter has gone out of fashion with many folk’s,
but here is the time and occasion when you have to leave
your healthy pad for a moment and indulge in the goodness of
butter. Not butter substitute, not clarified butter, just plain,
rich, good tasting butter   🙂




Ziti,  cooked, drained, some cooking water reserved
Tomato sauce,  canned
Garlic,  paste
Peperoncino romano,  finely grated
Maggi seasoning,
Kosher salt,
Chili flakes,
Italian parsley,

Method :

Saute garlic in butter until fragrant, deglaze with wodka.
( Careful with the flame, you don’t want to set your eyebrows
or your kitchen on fire ). Add tomato sauce,  cooking water,
sriracha and pasta, heat to a simmer. Remove from heat,
add more butter, cheese, maggi and salt and mix well. Adjust
texture with cooking water if necessary. Adjust seasoning to
your liking. To serve, sprinkle with more cheese, chili flakes
and  italian parsley.

Bon Appetit !   Live is Good !