Veal Ribs & Other Stuff

” Naan, Veal Ribs & Other Stuff “


Last  night’s dinner made me realize that I eat a lot of comfort food which does
not necessarily fall into a specific group or cuisine. Sometimes, just raiding the
fridge without a grand plan and simply putting some stuff together on the fly
does produce some great dishes. This was one of them :
Naan with ribs, chilies, onions and yoghurt ”



Ingredients :

Veal ribs,                  simmered, bones removed
Naan,                        Generously buttered and sprinkled with sea salt
Greek yoghurt,
Chilies,                     finely diced
Lime,                         juiced
Garlic,                       paste
Scallion,                   sliced
Onions,                    rings
Sesame seeds,
Oyster sauce,
Soy sauce,
Teriyaki sauce,
Kosher salt,


Method :

Blend all ingredients except ribs and half of the chilies.
Put a bit of water into a small, rimmed pan, into which
the ribs just fit, one layer only. Add the ribs.
Cover ribs with the sauce, (the sauce should be very watery
at this point) cover airtight and bake in
a low heat oven until very tender, about 3.5 hours.
When the ribs are tender, the sauce should have thickened
and cling nicely to the ribs.
Arrange rib meat on hot naan, drizzle with yoghurt, add onion rings,
sprinkle with chilies, sesame seeds and scallions and serve with a
garnish of spinach salad and sliced lime.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !