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” To All Fellow >LinkedIn Groups<


Dear Friend’s

Unfortunately,  yesterday  >LinkedIn<  has decided to remove the  >Share With Groups<  link  from it’s site.
I am sure they had a good reason for that and don’t  want to be critical about it.
However, all of the comments and discussions which pertained to articles, opinions, recipes & pictures about food and the hospitality industry originated from
links I posted in various groups on  >LinkedIn<  originated on my own blog,  >ChefsOpinion<
If you would like to continue to participate and  be part of our lively and interesting Food & Hospitality community, you must now go directly
to the website   >ChefsOpinion<  since there will be no more links from  >LinkedIn Groups>  to  >ChefsOpinion<

Thank you all for your participation in the past.
I hope to see you in the future as well on  >ChefsOpinion<

Life is Good!