portabella mushroom

” Conchiglioni, Portabellas, Peppers & Jalapenos “

Talk  about a satisfying dish that leaves nothing to be desired.
While spicy and alive on the taste buds, the jalapenos,
garlic and chilis were just the right amount , not overbearing, but noticeable.
All in all a successful, easy, quick dish, vulgar because of the heat,
elegant and earthy because of the portabella’s.

(Sound’s like the description of someone on a dating service  🙂

Ingredient‘s :

Giant pasta shells,                     cooked al dente, some of the cooking liquid reseved
Portabella mushrooms,            sliced
Red peppers,                                sliced
Yellow peppers,                          sliced
Jalapenos,                                   sliced   (lot’s of them)
Red peppers,                                sliced
Garlic,                                           paste
Italian parsley,                           chopped
Pecorino romano,                      grated
Salt,                                                to taste
Cayenne pepper,                         to taste
Butter,                                            to saute

Method :

Saute all vegetables, add pasta, half of the grated cheese, some whole butter and a bit of the cooking liquid. Mix well until a sauce forms from the starch of the pasta, butter, cheese and cooking liquid. Once the sauce lightly coats the pasta,  plate and sprinkle with the other half of the cheese and the parsley.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !