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$ 2,000.00 Tasting Menu – A Load Of Crap For Decadent Morons ?


ChefsOpinion on this topic : Decadent Morons 😦

Nothing wrong with the idea in general for a decent price, but in my opinion, anybody who is dumb enough to pay $ 2,ooo.oo per person for a (hopefully) good meal, elevator music and a crappy light show deserves to pay even more, how about $ 20,000.00. There seems to be an endless supply of idiots out there to which you can sell anything as long as few other people buy it (I wonder why),  ….but,  just watch the video and decide for yourself. 

Please click the link below to see a video and read about the article by Hillary Dixler on

Spanish Restaurant to Become World’s Most Expensive With a $2,000 Tasting Menu

Foto Source:Sublimotion /

Foto Source:  Sublimotion.