Christopher Walken

Seafood & Pasta Salad


I came  home from work early today and the
weather outside was just gorgeous . What better than
a book, ice tea and a cool  seafood  salad that can
be prepared in a few minutes. Great afternoon, recharged
my batteries and feel wonderfully relaxed.
Now it is time for a new post, then dinner and a movie,
“Ziti in Wodka Sauce” and “Kill shot”  with  Christopher Walken.

Life is Good !


Ingredient’s :

Conchigliette,  cooked, drained
poached, peeled, tails remove except three for garnish
Octopus,  canned, drained
Straw mushroom,  canned, drained
Tuna,  canned, drained
Peppers,  diced (3 colors)
Garlic,  paste
Cilantro,  chopped
Scallion,  sliced
Cucumber,  sliced
Egg,  hard boiled,  sliced
Mayonnaise,  freshly made
– (it only takes a minute to make and it’s so much better than store bought)
Horseradish cream,
Lime juice,
Kosher salt,
Black pepper,  freshly ground
Olive oil,

Method :

Take 1/4 of the seafood and marinade with lime, salt,
pepper and olive oil.
Mix remaining seafood , pasta, part of the horseradish
cream, mayo, peppers, lime juice, salt and pepper. Adjust
seasoning to your liking. Place salad on bottom of bowl,
top with the marinated seafood.
To serve, drizzle eggs and cucumber with olive oil and vinegar,
sprinkle with salt and pepper. Serve with some horseradish
cream to dip the shrimp.   Enjoy  🙂

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !