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” Fish & Chips ” In Rice Paper

I  love  fish  and chips. Unfortunately, it’s relatively hard to come by around here. For a while I thought I found the perfect place, “the Pub” in  Pembroke Pines. Maria and I had fish & chips there a few times in a row and it was very good each time, juicy fish, not too much batter, very crispy on the outside. Then we took a bunch of friend’s there for dinner, recommending of course the fish & chips. Imagine my embarrassment when they served us soggy, tasteless doughy crap which we did not eat. A few weeks later Maria and I went again, ordering other food, which was good. We also ordered one portion of fish & chips, just to make sure. Same crap again. Time to look for another place.
So,  there you have it, I am a big fan of fish & chips.
Last night all I had in the fridge was tilapia, not usually a choice to make fish & chips. However, I also had rice papper sheets in the cup board, so here is what I came up with. Although it is not even close to the traditional version of fish & chips, it was nevertheless a great version . VERY light and crispy on the outside, the fish steamed perfectly on the inside, juicy and flaky. Served with  mushy peas  and baked chips.



Ingredient’s :

Tilapia,  cut into wide strips
Rice paper  sheets,  soaked
Lime,  juiced
Kosher salt,

Potatoes,  cut into fries shape, blanched in water
Kosher salt,

Green peas,  frozen
Green bell pepper,  diced
Roasted garlic paste,
Kosher salt,

Peanut oil,  to fry fish & chips

Method :

Bake potatoes in oven at 425 F until crispy and golden.
Sprinkle with salt.

Saute Peppers in butter, add peas, garlic and seasoning,
heat through. Blend with stick blender until coarsely pureed.

Season fish, roll tightly in rice paper and fry until golden and
crisp, about two minutes. Serve with lime and soy for the fish,
mayonnaise  for the chips.

In case you ever wonder, yes,
I do eat those peppers and chilis I garnish my plates with   🙂

All about   FISH & CHIPS

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !