Indian cuisine

Spicy Coconut Soup With Chicken, Rice & Vegetables

Yesterday  evening I was going to make an authentic Thai or Indian dish,
but then I realized that I did not have some of the ingredients I needed in
my cupboard, so I came up with this beauty.  While it is not authentic Thai
nor Indian, Malay, Indonesian, etc, etc, I can proudly inform you that is
100% authentic  ” Hans “.
I could not have eaten better last night, so it goes to show once more that
love for food and cooking, a bit of imagination and a little bit of skill’s can
many times replace the biggest, best, most expensive recipe book    🙂


Ingredients :

Chicken,  your choice of cut or boneless
Broccoli rabe,  blanched
Grape tomato,  whole
Green peas,  blanched
Corn,  blanched
Mini peppers,  finely sliced
Scotch bonnet,  seeds removed, finely sliced
Ginger,  grated
Garlic,  paste
Sweet chili sauce,
Coconut milk,
Limes,  juiced
Cumin,  ground
Fish sauce,
Curry powder,
Kosher salt,
Cilantro,  coarsely chopped
Peanut oil,  to saute

Method :

Saute garlic and ginger until fragrant, add curry and cumin, deglaze with sherry.
Add chicken, salt and  and stock and simmer until chicken is tender but not
overcooked – (please,  no “falling of the bone”  here). When chicken is almost done,
stir in coconut milk. Slowly simmer for another five minutes., Add all vegetables,
seasoning and lime juice  and let it all heat through.
To serve, sprinkle with cilantro and accompany with basmati rice.
To eat, mix rice into soup, small amounts at a time.

Bon Appetit!   Life is Good !