” Your own spin ! “

Here is some info / advise I’d like to share :

Hi Mark,

To answer your question for the recipe :
The ingredient’s (except most standard seasonings) are usually pictured in the first picture..
The idea is to have you add as much /  little of one ingredient as you like :
Don’t like much garlic? Add less! Love garlic?  Add more.
In savory cooking, recipes are usually just guidelines, which you should interprete
according to your taste and preferences (Don’t like butter? Use olive oil!
Don’t like butter nor olive oil? Use Canola oil or peanut oil or whatever fat you like !
Prefer your soup / sauce thicker or thinner ? Add more or less thickener !
Don’t want fat in your food? Leave it out!

Cooking is a labor of love.
Do what makes you happy, as long as you understand the guidelines.

Bon Appetit !   Life is Good !