1. You naughty man! Thanks for the explanation of the difference between the two kinds of Italian rice balls. For those who watch the adventures of the Sicilian detective, Inspector Montalbano, there will be a familiarity with the conical arancini. All recipes and suggestions will be most welcome.

    But what (in my ignorance) is/are “turducken”?

    As ever,



  2. I am obviously being “thick”; but I am afraid that, notwithstanding hovering I have been unable to access the recipes. If you can put me right, such would be much appreciated



  3. Hi Peter,
    Maybe your PC is set to not allow these functions??
    Are you reading the posts directly on ChefsOpinions Webside? (It does NOT work in your e-mail. Just clich on the link to the actual block and all will be working just fine.
    Pls do me a favor, Peter – pls add your comments to the comment section on the main page. The comments you post on individual pics can not be seen unless one clicks on the individual picture, also, I can not answer to the individual comments one by one (see here) Thanks 🙂
    Cheers !


  4. Sorry for the delay in reply. I am sorry if I have been pinging replies into the wrong places. I will try to stick to the whole “post” in future. I do not have a PC, not being a follower of St William Gates: I am a sinner who partakes of the Apple!

    I was interested to learn about what a “Turducken” is. It seems to e descended from a medieval/Tudor dish which saw pigeon, partridge, pheasant, duck and capon stuffed, successively into a goose, a turkey or (before it became frowned up) a swan. The name is, I think, unknown here, possible because it seems a bit too close to another old Anglo-Saxon word which names something which one would hope not to find on one’s table!

    Keep smiling!



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