Frittata (Kind Of………..)

whisk 10 ea whole eggs with kosher salt, sriracha and a dash of maggi


  1. Aha! A dash of almost Asian cookery! hans – you are getting a bit like my Pakistani-born carer (a wonderful cook) who demands tabasco with almost everything!

    This is a lovely, vegetable dish, although I had to get out my American phrase book to discover that cilantro is coriander leaves, freely available here and called just that The seeds are what we call coriander or ground coriander. With sea salt, usually from Maldon in Essex (goyim are allowed to produce such a thing) this makes a lovely dish. Thank you.

    Out for lunch on my birthday last week, I tried mushroom arancini in the restaurant’s home-made arrabbiata sauce. I lovely starter, which you might want to think of including in your blog – if you have not already done so.

    As ever,



  2. Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your comment 🙂
    I did publish Arancini a few years back on my previous, now defunct site, You can still find it on my old FB chefsopinion site (also abandoned since years) .
    I will re-post it on ChefsOpinion in a few days, just to see the reaction of diehards to the sauce ( I used homemade tonkatsu), which I prefer 10-1 to tomato sauce or arrabbiata with arancines 🙂
    Cheers my Friend


    1. Bless you, Hans. I rather thought that you might have published this, before. The old website has gone; and I am not on FB (deliberately) so I will just hope to see arancini again, with your favoured Japanese/Filipino sauce, perhaps. I would probably start my own, home-made version with Lea & Perrins’ Worcestershire sauce, which is very easily obtainable, here; but I am always ken to learn new recipes and methods.

      Your friend, as ever,



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