Roast Cornish Hen With Hearty Veggies

wash and pat dry one cornish hen per person, season with 1 pinch sweet paprika and kosher salt and cayenne pepper to taste

One comment

  1. Aha! A shrimp-free dish! We poor unfortunates in “Yurp” do not, I think, have these Cornish birds (although Cornwall is in UK) so we would use a poussin (pr “spring chicken”) As far as I am aware, Kosher salt is not widely used in UK: none of my jewish friends uses it, and they tell me that Maldon sea salt is what people here tend to use. The vegetables would vary: I like to try different ones though personally I would drop the tomatoes, and I would have to find a substitute for “northern beans” (possibly cannelini?) It is hard to roast a chicken without accompanying it with roast potatoes (a treatment of their native vegetable of which Americans deprive themselves).

    As far as the method is concerned, the photographs show a well-browned skin: is this purely a consequence of the cayenne pepper? Or do you baste the bird in some way?


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